Digital Radiography 

With digital radiology our patients enjoy several benefits such as shorter appointments, using the lowest dose of radiation in the world while having the highest resolution available for the x-rays. In addition, we contribute to helping the environment by eliminating conventional film images and replacing them with digital format under the same principles of digital cameras. Our equipment is tested and calibrated regularly to protect you. You will find the certificate displayed alongside our x-ray rooms.

E4D Techonolgy

Allows you to take high precision laser copy of your tooth in order to create your future tooth in porcelain using top of the line technology. In other words, it allows you to do more resilient restorations crowns or veneers in a single visit to the dentist. We are proud to offer this service to our patients.


Progident is`a green software. In fact, thanks to the latter, all of our records are computerized which completely eliminates paper in the management of our patients. Also, your insurance billing is done electronically, if permitted by your plan.

Intra-Oral Digital Camera

This device allows us to take oral pictures and to see them on the screen. In addition, it allows you to not only see the inside of your mouth, but also to follow the evolution of certain teeth or lesions that we monitor for you.


Our sterilization equipment are serviced daily, tested and calibrated monthly to protect you. In our waiting room you will find our many certificates that we received in this regard.